Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hi.... Friends......
2day a new turning point came in arushi hemraj murder case as  cbi has put her parents on trial.........
it's no denying the fact that her soul is still facing injustice even after her body knows that how she lost her life but our law is playing games with her soul as they are still unable to put the victims behind the bars.
  As far as the question of involving her parents is concern it is still not clear but on the other hand i would also say that they must be put behind the bars if they are involved in it...... but how can we do that as our law is completely flexible.......
regarding this flexiblity we have a no. of  examples in our country n the most prominent example is azmal kassab whom we are giving full protection.
It is the flexiblity of our law that kassab is still alive.I question to the law that is it the rght of our country to safeguard this people or is it our duty to hang them,i think this question is still unanswered for us.
  in the same way arushi a 14 yr. old girl was brutally murdered nobody knows whatever the reasons are?
friends it is a burning issue now a days that this innoncent girl is still facing injustice even after several years of her death.
  god has given us this life and nobody has the right to snatch it up then who r we to take it away......
is it not an abuse to humanity or a condemn of relations?
whatever the reasons may be it is still injustice to the whole human society.......

dats it for 2day                                                                                                    your's


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